My practice has changed my life. Being aware of my body of how I move and how I breathe has helped me shift the dynamics with my family, my partner, my friends and with myself. It is the most impactful thing I have done in my life. 


I was lucky enough to have access to the tools, but a lot of people don’t. With the I Can Breathe program we strive to change that. We accomplish this by offering a 100% free scholarship to Suryaside Yoga’s teacher training program and in exchange that student will provide classes that help cultivate self-awareness and helps shift the way a whole community approaches self-care. 


“I CAN BREATHE” is a phrase that you can repeat to yourself to take control of your life when everything around you seems overwhelming. “I CAN BREATHE” is a practice you can do every moment of every day. All it takes is a moment to take a deep breath and exhale.


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Suryaside Yoga is a proud member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and the Skillman Project. Suryaside Yoga spearheaded "I Can Breathe Yoga", a new initiative to train yoga teachers from underserved communities and help them organize classes in their neighborhoods. 






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